A perfect place to relax, enjoy and share some peaceful time at our premier lounge with your friends and colleagues by testing your knocking and scoring skills at one of our french or english or american pool tables.

The feel of our classic pool tables feature wool-nylon blends. To give you a contemporary feel, we have two different hues to try on. also to provide a tournament-level experience the top rail of the pool table is attached with a moulded gum-rubber cushions which allows for a faster rebound.

Ask our friendly in-house helper to sip in some cool drinks any time during your game and master the art of snooking and challenge your friend in a ultimate battle of world class Billiards game.

Genuine customer service. Goluptious experience. Great ambience.

FRENCH TABLE ₹ 140/hour
ENGLISH TABLE ₹ 160/hour
POOL TABLE ₹ 120/hour

  • Timings : 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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    Keep Calm and Play Snooker.